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AFTI Urges USTR to Address Indian Policies and Trade Barriers Adversely Impacting U.S. Industries (press release)


In advance of the U.S.-India Trade Policy Forum and Commercial Dialogue this week, the Alliance for Fair Trade with India (AFTI) sent a letter urging U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to make use of all bilateral dialogue and trade tools available to improve the U.S.-India commercial relationship and implement concrete, tangible progress to address issues in India that limit market access or undermine the competitiveness of U.S. industries.

“This week's Trade Policy Forum and Commercial Dialogue create opportunities to strengthen the bilateral U.S.-India trade relationship and break down market barriers in India to boost FDI, innovation and market access and boost manufacturing jobs in both countries," said Linda Dempsey, Vice President for International Economic Affairs at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). "Manufacturers, however, want to see fair access to that market, and efforts to address priority issues such as price controls on innovative medical devices, continued challenges in protecting innovation and IP, forced localization policies in high-value, innovative industries, and other barriers.” 

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