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America’s Transportation Infrastructure Needs Immediate Attention


What does a cross-country flight, a cargo ship transporting goods and the bus you ride to work all have in common? They are part of our country’s crucial transportation infrastructure. Manufacturers across the country rely on planes and ships to transport goods to consumers across the world, and workers rely on public transportation infrastructure to get them to work in a safe and timely manner.

However, with an estimated $15 billion in investments needed to upgrade ports and waterways and $86 billion needed in investments for public transit infrastructure projects, the country’s infrastructure is in need of immediate attention. 

Manufacturers know that in order to have thriving, growing and productive businesses, transit systems that are not only fully operational, but safe and strong, must be a priority. If left unaddressed, the Department of Transportation reports that the country could lose up to almost $300 billion in the next three years.

The good news is that President Trump and Congress has already begun to make good on his campaign promises to revitalize our country’s transportation infrastructure. He is visiting manufacturing facilities across the country and intends to launch a national rebuilding program to repair and strengthen U.S. infrastructure. This would also create thousands of new manufacturing jobs across America.

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