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Creators Respond

During the COVID-19 pandemic, today’s manufacturers are stepping up to be part of the solution to the rapidly unfolding effects of COVID-19. From stories of producing protective equipment and hospital air cleaners to spreading the importance of wearing a mask - Creators Respond is the manufacturing industry's campaign to tell the stories of those on the front lines of this fight.

Click "Learn More" below to learn more about Creators Respond, a campaign of our partner, The National Association of Manufacturers.


Want to 'thank' those manufacturers in your community and across the country that are contributing to the fight against COVID-19? The Creators Respond campaign created an easy-to-download sticker to share on your Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram profile. Simply right-click on the image below and 'save image as' in order to save and use the image. Be sure to include the hashtag #CreatorsRespond in your post.