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Beyond Transportation: Water, Energy and Broadband Infrastructure


As the need to repair the nation’s crumbling transportation infrastructure becomes more apparent across the country, it’s important to recognize that along with roads, transit and waterways, realistic and tangible solutions are needed to fix other forms of infrastructure that Americans depend on.

From daily necessities such as water infrastructure, to energy production and broadband, these infrastructure systems are equally important to maintaining a competitive and strong manufacturing industry. Unfortunately, they need serious improvements. For instance, failing water infrastructure has resulted in the contamination of public drinking water. Furthermore, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, more than 18 million people were drinking water from community water systems in 2015 that had more lead and copper than what is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally, there are nearly 240,000 water main leaks annually, leading to property damage. The country will rely on manufacturers to build stronger water infrastructure in order to keep communities safe and healthy. 

Furthermore, Americans have seen a constant stream of new technologies make it to the marketplace in the past few decades and the demand for domestically produced oil and natural gas will grow by 40 percent in the next 10 years. As a result, energy and grid infrastructure must be able to keep pace with the updates that are essential parts of consumers’ lives. Whether it’s the electricity used to power buildings and electronics or the increasing demand for natural resources, there must be a strong investment in improving energy infrastructure to create more jobs and support business.

Manufacturers also depend on strong and high-speed broadband to get their products to consumers and establish a solid relationship with clients. However, less than half of the households in the U.S. lack high-speed broadband. Investment in stronger broadband infrastructure must be implemented to reduce inequality and boost the economy. 

Ultimately, the Trump Administration and Congress must work together to keep our communities safe, keep the lights on and expand job and economic opportunities. 

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