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Boost Manufacturing Jobs through Workforce Development and Training


In order to keep and grow manufacturing jobs in the U.S., we must address the widening skills gap in the manufacturing sector.  In today’s advanced manufacturing operations, the skills workers have are not always the skills in demand by manufacturers.

Workers are missing out on new job opportunities or advancements in the current workplace because they lack the specific and often tech-savvy skills needed. Additionally, manufacturers are facing increased production costs and revenue losses due to the skills shortage. If the skills shortage is not addressed, it is estimated that nearly 10 million jobs will remain unfilled over the next 10 years. 

The National Association of Manufacturers is releasing ‘Twelve Days of Transition’ policy blueprints to help guide the new administration and members of Congress to deliver on manufacturing priorities. Today’s release in the series of blueprints focuses on workforce development.

There are over 12 million manufacturing jobs in the U.S., accounting for 9 percent of the workforce. However, that number could be much greater with improvements to the workforce development system. Manufacturers are working with education and community partners to better communicate the manufacturing skills in demand and to assist with training and educational opportunities. However, manufacturers need strong federal policy to assist these efforts.

President-elect Trump has stated his commitment to boosting American jobs. Improving the workplace development system is the best place to start, and manufacturers are ready to guide and assist with these efforts.

View the blueprint here