Friends of Manufacturing

Capitalize on Domestic Energy Resources to Strengthen Manufacturing


Due to new technologies and access to diverse energy resources in the U.S., manufacturers benefit from reliable and affordable energy that wasn’t available a decade ago. From oil, coal, and natural gas to nuclear and renewables, America’s robust energy sector helps make America a desirable place to manufacture—which leads to American jobs and economic growth.

However, we need an “all of the above” long term energy plan to support innovation and continued development of diverse energy resources in America. President-elect Trump and the new Congress have an opportunity to create an energy future that would greatly benefit the entire nation and create millions of jobs. 

To do so, the new Congress must drive much-needed energy infrastructure projects, such as the development of new oil and natural gas pipelines, to improve energy access and enhance manufacturers’ competitiveness. Manufacturers also need policies that promote more research and development and deploy innovative technologies that boost energy efficiency. Regulatory barriers that slow innovation and the development of traditional and alternative energy sources must be eliminated.

Manufacturers and families across the country depend on a broad mix of resources to keep energy affordable. Manufacturers, sign the petition to support an all-of-the-above energy strategy today!