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Americans Agree: Now is the Time for Tax Reform


Few federal policies have a greater direct impact on both individuals and manufacturers than taxes. For Americans, tax rates help determine the amount of money in their pockets. More money means going beyond making ends meet.  It means increased savings for college and retirement, more nights out with our families, and even better family vacations.

Tax policy affects manufacturers the same way. Reasonable tax policies allow manufacturers to reinvest in their employees and local communities through job creation, career advancement and company expansion and growth. Unfortunately, extremely high rates, a number of temporary tax provisions and out-of-date international rules have created an uncertain environment, making it difficult and risky for manufacturers to invest and grow their companies.


With a new President and Congress, we can’t let this golden opportunity to achieve meaningful tax reform slip away. Comprehensive tax reform is essential to unleashing the economic power of manufacturing, and making America the best place in the world to manufacture and attract foreign investment. Both President Trump and Congressional leadership have vowed to make tax reform a priority. This year, with your help, we can finally succeed in passing real reforms that will give manufacturers the competitive edge they need in today’s marketplace.

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Friends of Manufacturing knows the vital role that manufacturing plays in each and every community, big or small, throughout the United States.  We believe that everyone, from the machine operator, to the small business owner, to the millions of Americans who want to make Manufacturing in America everything it can be, should have a say in government policies that affect their livelihood.  We’ll let you know when issues that are critical to our well-being are being debated in Washington. And we’ll let you know what you can do about it.  With your help, we can make Manufacturing in America as strong as it can be, for our communities, for our workers, and for our future.