Friends of Manufacturing

Confirm Scott Pruitt to Head the EPA!

For the last 8 years, manufacturers have been confronted with regulations where costs greatly exceeded their benefits, a government picking winners and losers in terms of energy sources, caused mass closings of power plants in the Rust Belt and across the Southern U.S., and forced manufacturers to divert capital to environmental compliance that they should have been using to innovate and create new products.  President-elect Trump's nominee to be Administrator of the EPA will bring balance to the EPA regulatory agenda. Manufacturers have stood side-by-side with Attorney General Scott Pruitt as we challenged the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, its Waters of the U.S. Regulation, and its 2015 Ozone standard. In all three cases, manufacturers asked for regulations we could live with—and when we didn’t get them, we were forced to sue. AG Pruitt did the same for the citizens of Oklahoma.

Do not delay!  Confirm Attorney General Pruitt as the new Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Will you sign?