Friends of Manufacturing

Stop the Political Games! Build a Stronger America.

Politicians are back at it again, turning serious policy matters into political games.  This time it is a state-of-the-art infrastructure project called the Dakota Access Pipeline, which will safely deliver domestic energy to manufacturers, creating jobs all along the way.  Now, in an election-year ploy, the White House is threatening to pull the plug.

Energy infrastructure is essential to growing our manufacturing economy and strengthening our energy security.  Let's come together and move forward, create jobs, strengthen our economy and boost manufacturing.

The time for politics is over.  It's time to put people to work, including the manufacturers who make this project possible.

Please sign our petition if you think critical infrastructure projects should reflect state-of-the-art engineering and support new opportunities for struggling communities.

I support the men and women working hard to build strong energy infrastructure.  Take politics out of the equation and judge projects on their merits.

Will you sign?