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Democratizing Manufacturing: Smart, Collaborative Robots Bring Automation Benefits To All


Every morning, I read yet another article or blog or tweet about the resurgence – or not – of US manufacturing and the potential – or not – for good jobs to be won by the same. It’s ok, because as I’ve said before, I love manufacturing. And I’ll say it again, I love manufacturing.

As I travel around the country visiting our customers, more and more, I realize that I really love manufacturers who are considered small- to mid-sized businesses by the measure of number of employees. That’s likely to be because in the U.S., more than 250,000 manufacturers have fewer than 500 employees. A big reason for my sentiment is because in spite of all the challenges these companies face – from labor shortages to lack of access to capital to help them scale, acquire new technology or even just repair worn-out equipment, they keep at it. Call it grit, call it optimism, call it good old American stick-to-it-iveness, they’ve got it and they keep going.

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