Friends of Manufacturing

Encouraging Innovation Will Ensure Manufacturing Success


From lifesaving medications to the latest electronics, the innovative products we depend on are made possible by manufacturers. Innovation is the heart beat of the manufacturing industry.

Delivering more than three-quarters of all private sector research and development, manufacturers in the U.S. are always innovating and improving quality of life for Americans across the country. However, to ensure that manufacturers and employees can continue to lead and succeed in the global economy, President-elect Trump and the members of the newly sworn in 115th Congress must implement strong policies that embrace innovation, not ones that stand in the way.  

Manufacturers are committed to improving business models, transforming customer relationships and re-inventing the world, but we need to see smart and efficient policies that encourage innovation and embrace new technologies.

Manufacturers are always searching for new ways to innovate, improve the lives of Americans, and strengthen the economy. New leadership can accelerate this path by creating a regulatory and legislative climate that encourages R&D and innovation and protects intellectual property rights.