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We the American people, not the special interests with the deepest pockets, are the owners of our government. As manufacturing voters, it’s our responsibility to ensure the men and women we elect to represent us do not lose sight of our priorities. That means holding our elected officials accountable for the choices they make in office, and voting for candidates with proven records supporting pro-growth, pro-jobs policies. We can’t do that unless every manufacturing worker, family member, friend and neighbor goes to the polls on Election Day and makes their voice heard.


How can you do your part? Register to vote, and help those around you register as well. Get educated on the issues. Make informed decisions about the candidates and encourage others to do the same. And most importantly, vote for the candidates who will defend manufacturing in America and enact sound policies to help us prosper and grow.

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About Friends of Manufacturing

Friends of Manufacturing knows the vital role that manufacturing plays in each and every community, big or small, throughout the United States.  We believe that everyone, from the machine operator, to the small business owner, to the millions of Americans who want to make Manufacturing in America everything it can be, should have a say in government policies that affect their livelihood.  We’ll let you know when issues that are critical to our well-being are being debated in Washington. And we’ll let you know what you can do about it.  With your help, we can make Manufacturing in America as strong as it can be, for our communities, for our workers, and for our future.

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