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Grassley: Trump sticking to his guns on NAFTA tactics


GRASSLEY: TRUMP STICKING TO HIS GUNS ON NAFTA TACTICS: Sen. Chuck Grassley said it’s become clear after recent meetings with top administration officials that President Donald Trump isn’t ready to abandon his brinkmanship over a possible withdrawal from NAFTA, even as he and other lawmakers continue to make the argument that a potential NAFTA pullout, or even the threat of doing so, could have disastrous consequences for farmers.

“You get the impression that this president has taken a tough negotiating position and he’s going to stick with it,” Grassley said in an interview with Adam Behsudi. The Iowa Republican and senior member of the Finance Committee had an hourlong, one-on-one breakfast with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Wednesday and met with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer two weeks ago.

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