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Immigration Reform Key to Manufacturers’ Competitiveness


Our nation’s immigration system is broken. It’s a complicated issue that has been heavily debated, but it must be reformed in 2017. Our immigration system is not functional and it greatly impacts manufacturers’ competitiveness.

Border security is a real concern that must be addressed, but we also must create a workable system that welcomes foreign-born talent. Too often, our immigration system forces immigrants educated in the United States to move abroad to work, manufacture, innovate, and compete against us.   

The National Association of Manufacturers is releasing ‘Twelve Days of Transition’ policy blueprints to help guide the new administration and members of Congress to deliver on manufacturing priorities. Today’s release in the series of blueprints focuses on immigration.

We need an immigration system that ensures manufacturers’ access to both lesser and higher skilled immigrants when there is demand. We must improve security at the border and address the undocumented worker population in a practical and respectful way, and implement a strict but fair employment verification system.

The United States is made up of immigrants. Encouraging and bringing skill and talent to our country is crucial to America’s growth and success. Immigration reform is not an issue that can be ignored much longer. Manufacturers stand ready to work with President-elect Trump to create a workable immigration system.

View the blueprint here