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In Wisconsin, Manufacturers Optimistic Over Comprehensive Tax Reform



Manufacturers in Wisconsin and across the country say the promise of tax reform will spur growth and create jobs. In fact, in our latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, over 64 percent of manufacturers told us that they would use the savings from comprehensive tax reform to expand their businesses and more than 57 percent say they would hire more workers.

Michael Reader, president and owner of Precision Plus, Inc., plans to reinvest in his company and his 75 employees. Precision Plus is focused on giving back by forming partnerships with local technical colleges, providing career opportunities to the next generation of manufacturers. Smart, pro-growth tax reform will allow Precision Plus to keep investing in educational programs while growing his business:


Q: Why are you proud to work in manufacturing?

A: Making things and solving problems for our customers never gets old. The craftsmen and women we work with our highly skilled and earn a great living from what we do. 

Q: What will tax reform mean to your company in terms of investment, hiring and growing the business? 

A: The less money I need to take out of the business and send to Washington, means more money to reinvest in the company for capital equipment and ongoing training to remain competitive. 

Q: What would you do with the money from tax reform?

A: More equipment, more training to develop the highly skilled workforce we need and more money in the pockets of every employee that they will turn around and reinvest in the local economy.

Q: How would that benefit manufacturing workers?

A: A stronger company paying more to attract, develop, inspire and retain workers allows us to grow faster than those that do not reinvest.

Q: How would that benefit middle class Americans?

A: Absolutely, more jobs, more training, higher wages that will result from more money in the business. Let us reinvest in our businesses, people and future so that we may better weather the next economic downturn. 

Q: If Congress passes tax reform, what personal benefits do you expect and why? 

A: Increased wages for all workers, as our costs of doing business are now lower, creating less stress for all of our team members and making us more competitive globally which will only lead to greater community spending and higher tax revenues. And yes, it paves the way for a more secure future for all of us.

How will tax reform help your business? Share your tax reform story with us here.

The U.S. Senate passed bold tax reform by a vote of 51-48.  (See how your Senators voted by clicking here), and the House passed the bill, 227-203.  (See how your Representative voted by clicking here.)

As the tax reform bill heads to President Trump’s desk for his signature, please take this time to let your members of Congress know how you feel about their vote.  Click here to quickly and easily send a message of thanks to those who voted yes and a message of disappointment to those who voted no.