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Building to Win: A Strategy to Revitalize our Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure

From highways, to railroads, to waterways, strong infrastructure is crucial for providing communities across the country with access to goods, services and unique economic opportunities. Unfortunately, our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling and investment continues to drop. Over 2.5 million American jobs will be lost by 2025 if the infrastructure crisis is not addressed.



Continued investment in infrastructure is vital to maintain our country’s competitive business edge and keep jobs from shipping overseas. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) released “Building to Win”—an ambitious and new infrastructure blueprint which outlines a strategy to help members of the 115th Congress and President-elect Trump's administration repair and strengthen the country’s infrastructure, while simultaneously driving job growth and boosting the economy.

The blueprint outlines the gap between current infrastructure spending and what is needed to revitalize America’s infrastructure.



Campaign talk is over and manufacturers are ready to see real results under President-elect Trump and the new Congress. But manufacturers aren’t going to sit by and hope for the best. We’re going to hold them accountable and make sure America gets the infrastructure it deserves.

Support investments in infrastructure and urge political candidates to do the same by signing this petition

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