Friends of Manufacturing

It’s Time to Make Promises to Manufacturers a Reality


In a couple of weeks, manufacturers from across the country will travel to the nation’s capital to connect with policymakers and advocate for manufacturing priorities that will expand our nation’s workforce and boost the economy.

Manufacturers play an instrumental role across America’s industries, and they know there is much to be done to make sure the country remains the best place to work and manufacture in. This includes implementing pro-growth tax reform and regulatory reform, as well as fixing our country’s crumbling infrastructure. 

For instance, our nation’s failing infrastructure costs families an average of $3,400 a year, and the poor conditions of roads, bridges, railways, airports, ports and waterways present serious safety concerns for Americans. Moreover, if our infrastructure continues to be neglected, more than 2.5 million jobs will be put at risk.

Additionally, American businesses are operating in the 21st century, but are handcuffed to a tax code that was last updated in 1986! If our government implemented pro-growth tax reform, it would generate more than 6.5 million American jobs and increase the GDP by over $12 trillion dollars, according to a recent study by the National Association of Manufacturers.

In order to ensure America is the best place for businesses to grow, hire new workers and manufacture in, regulatory reform is critical. On average, duplicative and unnecessary regulations cost manufacturers in the U.S. nearly $35,000 per employee each year just to meet compliance costs. Congress must act immediately to cut our country’s burdensome and costly federal regulations.

Thankfully, President Trump recognizes the importance and need for smart reforms and policies that deliver on manufacturing priorities. He has proven that he has manufacturers’ back by proposing a plan to invest $1 trillion in new infrastructure projects, but it’s time to build out the details of that plan and to see real progress on implementing pro-growth tax reform and eliminating costly federal regulations. Over 500 manufacturers are coming to Washington to make their voices heard on the Hill, and there is no better time for Congress to act than now.  

Manufacturers, sign these petitions to ensure our nation’s infrastructure is repaired, tax reform is implemented and Washington’s regulatory overreach is put to an end!