Friends of Manufacturing

Make Regulations and Our Legal System Great Again


A number of burdensome, government-imposed regulations make it difficult for manufacturers and businesses in the U.S. to expand and create jobs. The current administration has issued 637 new regulations though October 2016—that’s a new regulation every four and a half days. Many of these regulations are duplicative or unnecessary and it’s nearly impossible to comply with the thousands of requirements manufacturers’ face.

Manufacturers and businesses in America are bogged down by duplicative and unnecessary regulations. The newly sworn in 115th Congress and President-elect Donald Trump must implement tangible solutions that will simplify and improve the quality of regulations and our legal system. 

Manufacturers and businesses have faced excessive and unnecessary regulatory burdens over the last eight years. According to a recent NAM study, federal spending for regulatory agencies tripled from over $16 billion in 1980, to over $50 billion in 2015. We need improved oversight to hold regulators accountable for the regulations being issued. Furthermore, we need a more fair legal system that discourages frivolous lawsuits.

The next four years should focus on building a legal and regulatory system that improves manufacturers’ ability to create jobs and boost the economy.

Manufacturers, sign the petition today to end Washington’s regulatory overreach.