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Manufacturers Call on New Administration and Congress to Fix Our Nation’s Infrastructure


Our nation’s infrastructure is in very bad shape. It’s not a new problem, but it’s a serious one impacting manufacturers, employees, and every single American. President-elect Trump has vowed to reinvest in and rebuild our infrastructure, putting millions of Americans to work in the process. The National Association of Manufacturers and Friends of Manufacturing stand behind these efforts to fix America’s infrastructure.

Over the next eleven days, the National Association of Manufacturers’ (NAM) will roll out the ‘Twelve Days of Transition’, policy blueprints to help guide President-elect Trump and Congress to deliver on manufacturing priorities. Today’s policy blueprint, ‘Building to Win,’ outlines the biggest challenges with infrastructure and funding solutions to tackle these problems. 

U.S. infrastructure spending has continuously decreased over the past decade. The country’s crumbling roads, bridges and waterways make it difficult for manufacturers to ship products and compete in the global market. Additionally, traffic congestion makes it difficult and expensive for all Americans to commute to and from work, and puts the public’s safety at risk. Manufacturing employees need a long-term infrastructure package that will not only fix transportation infrastructure, but ensure it stays modernized, efficient and safe for Americans across the country. 

Whether it’s by planes, waterways or highways, the next several weeks will be filled with holiday travel and it will be impossible not to notice that our infrastructure needs improvement.  With a new president and Congress, we now have an opportunity to reinvest in our nation’s infrastructure, support manufacturing jobs, and boost the economy.

To read more about the Building to Win blueprint, click here.

Manufacturers, sign the online petition to help repair America’s infrastructure today!