Friends of Manufacturing

Manufacturers envision bright future for jobs


Working families and employers in eastern North Carolina know that despite good news in recent years, it still feels harder and harder to get ahead in today’s economy. We’ve seen the statistics saying the economy has improved since the Great Recession, but we know not all families feel that way in their daily lives. We believe our country and our manufacturers deserve better.

Finally, we have an administration in Washington, D.C., that agrees. Rather than continue to smother industry under burdensome regulation and an outdated tax code, President Donald Trump and White House officials are prepared to launch manufacturing to new heights with long-overdue reforms.

His recent speech to the largest manufacturing association in the country — the National Association of Manufacturers — outlining his vision for overhauling the tax system was especially welcome. The plan to lower tax rates for all businesses, including the small companies that are America’s economic engine, is just what the doctor ordered. It will help accelerate the creation of high-quality jobs, with solid wages and a real future. If combined with the right incentives to promote innovation and business investment, we can expect to jump-start economic activity that benefits more Americans.

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