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Manufacturers: It’s Time to Rid the Internet of Excessive Regulations


From roads, waterways and airports, manufacturers across the country have had to deal with the consequences of our nation’s crumbling infrastructure for the past eight years. However, it’s not just physical infrastructure that we must invest in, but our telecommunications infrastructure as well. Now, Americans are looking towards policymakers in Washington to uphold President Trump’s promise of cutting wasteful regulations that prevent manufacturers from innovating and hiring new workers, especially when it comes to a tool that businesses depend on every day: the internet.

This week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to continue to pursue their “Restoring Internet Freedom” order, which include efforts to scale back the regulation of the internet. Manufacturers know that businesses rely on strong telecommunications technology to remain competitive in the global marketplace, and we support eliminating internet regulations that prevent manufacturers from expanding their businesses and boosting the economy. 

Since 2010, more than $200 billion has been invested in wireless infrastructure, according to the CTIA. However, in order for manufacturers to continue to innovate and create good-paying job opportunities, the FCC must get rid of outdated rules and regulations and treat our telecommunications and broadband infrastructure like it’s the 21st century, not the 1930s. 

The FCC’s efforts coincide with Infrastructure Week, and there is no better time than now for manufacturers to encourage Chairman Pai, Members of Congress and the new administration to put rolling back internet regulation at the top of the national agenda, so that our broadband and telecommunications infrastructure remains the best and strongest across the globe. Our country’s businesses and economy depend on it.

Manufacturers: it’s time to stand up for innovation and American businesses and make your voice heard. Click here to stop over-regulation by July 17!