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Poll Shows Manufacturing Employees Split on Presidential Candidates

With November 8 just shy of a month away, manufacturers are carefully considering which presidential candidate they want to elect to represent their interests for the next four years. 



According to a recent poll, two out of three manufacturing employees feel the country has gotten off on the wrong track under the current administration. Presidential candidates looking to win their vote should focus on prioritizing policies that will improve the economy, as four in 10 manufacturing employees said economic issues are their top set of concerns at the ballot box.



Right now, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are nearly tied among manufacturing employees. The poll also shows that both candidates are underperforming among manufacturing employees compared to their respective 2012 nominees, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Additionally, the majority of manufacturing employees have an unfavorable opinion of both candidates.

SLIDE7A.png SLIDE4A.png 


Therefore, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have plenty of room for improvement. One specific issue the candidates should improve on to win over manufacturers is their trade agenda, as eight in 10 manufacturers said a candidate’s position on trade is important to how they will vote.

Additionally, manufacturers need comprehensive tax reform, improved infrastructure, access to more health care options and streamlined regulations to make them more competitive. In the final weeks leading up to Election Day, manufacturers want to see candidates prioritize innovation and pro-growth policies that help sustain and grow millions of manufacturing jobs.

Now it's your chance to weigh in - which candidate do you support to become our next president?

For additional information, please contact:
Ned Monroe
Senior Vice President, External Relations, National Association of Manufacturers
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