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New Proposal Threatens Family-Owned Manufacturers


Whether it’s the Main Street hardware store with top-notch customer service or the local manufacturer that has provided stable and well-paying jobs for generations, family-owned manufacturers and businesses play an essential role in communities across the nation and the broader U.S. economy.

Unfortunately, despite the significant benefits provided by family-owned manufacturers across the country, these companies are strapped with a considerable tax and regulatory burden, courtesy of the federal government. Many business owners struggle to pass on their business to the next generation. And the tax burden could increase considerably under a proposal from the U.S. Treasury impose complex planning, legal and costs on family-owned manufacturers and businesses, taking away much needed resources that would enable businesses to reinvest in their company and hire new employees. 

The federal government should be supporting the success of manufacturers, not introducing more obstacles to prevent them from growing their companies and passing them down to the next generation.

With Election Day only a few weeks away, it’s important to ensure that the next Administration protects family-owned manufacturers and eliminates burdensome regulations that prevent companies from creating jobs and strengthening communities across the country and increases their taxes.

To stand up for family-owned manufacturers, sign the petition urging the Treasury Department to withdraw the tax proposal.