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Ports, Waterways and Aviation Infrastructure In Need of Revitalization


Airports and waterways better connect people to their friends and families, and are also critical in effectively transferring supplies and goods to manufacturers and consumers. For time-sensitive and high-value cargo inside our borders and around the world, manufacturers often rely on planes. Additionally, seaports are the main method of efficiently exporting to foreign nations and are crucial to manufacturers’ competitiveness.

Due to age, congestion and neglect, these vital pieces of infrastructure are in very poor shape. The National Association of Manufacturers estimates overall investment needed to modernize aviation is between $42 and $75 billion, and around $15 billion investment is needed to upgrade ports and inland waterways. 

If Congress and the Administration do not prioritize these infrastructure projects, Americans will face fiscal and commercial challenges. For example, deteriorating aviation infrastructure has resulted in flight delays, as well limited capacities for airports. If left unaddressed, businesses and manufacturers in the U.S. could lost up to $258 billion by 2020, according to a report by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Additionally, the American Society of Civil Engineers estimates barges on waterways frequently experience over 50 service interruptions daily, and port productivity has dropped by nearly 25 percent—according to a survey of American Association of Port Authorities members.

The country must revitalize and repair our ports, inland waterways, planes and airports by investing in and sustaining infrastructure projects. We need solutions, such as an independent transportation committee to ensure that infrastructure is not pushed to the backburner again. Anything less will jeopardize the safety of communities who rely on strong aviation infrastructure, ports and waterways, and will also risk the success and jobs of American businesses and manufacturers in the country. 

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