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President-elect Trump: Investments in Public Transit Infrastructure Needed!


For passengers, public transit systems and freight railways are vital to making sure commuters can safely travel between and navigate busy cities. For manufacturers, they are crucial to ensuring goods are transported to their destinations in a timely and safe manner.

With $86 billion needed in investments for public transit infrastructure projects and $52 billion needed in investments in Amtrak, the safety and reliability of our nation’s passenger and freight rail and public transit infrastructure is at risk. Currently, 21 percent of buses are in immediate need of replacement and 32 percent will need to be replaced within the next five years. Additionally, Amtrak desperately needs increased funding to address the backlog of projects. 

Despite the current state of transportation infrastructure, there are possible solutions. For example, the Gateway Program, a tunnel, bridge and train station project that would increase the number of passenger trains traveling under the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey by building a new tunnel, would help minimize disruptions while cutting down on travel time. To find a solution to railway traffic in the Midwest, the Chicago Region Environmental and Transportation Efficiency (CREATE) Program, a task force, is planning to invest $4.4 billion in infrastructure projects over the next 30 years to address deteriorating transportation infrastructure and to prepare Chicago increase in rail traffic. 

Fully operational transit systems are crucial for manufacturing in the U.S. to maintain its competitive edge and to provide jobs to workers across the country. To accomplish this, President-elect Trump and congressional leadership must work together to keep infrastructure at the center of the national dialogue and make our railways and public transit systems the gold-standard of modern transportation infrastructure. 

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