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President-elect Trump: Let’s Work Together on Smart Environmental Policies


Manufacturers are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment, but we need smart policies that encourage innovation and embracing new technologies to reach these goals. Currently, manufactures are struggling to comply with regulations put in place by the outgoing administration, making it difficult to achieve our own sustainability commitments and goals. 

Manufacturers spend an average of $10,497 per employee complying with federal environmental regulations. From the Clean Power Plan to the Waters of the U.S. regulation, Congressional leaders and the new administration must focus on revamping costly environmental policies that cause uncertainty and prevent manufacturers from generating more job opportunities and expanding businesses. 

President-elect Trump and newly sworn in members of the 115th Congress need a powerful action plan to confront climate issues, protect natural resources and limit waste while helping the manufacturing industry grow. Manufacturers are ready to work with the government to help build new technologies that will reduce harmful emissions and create modernized, effective and proactive regulations.

Manufacturers are embracing new sustainability methods and practices to protect the environment, and it’s time for Congress to do their part to address 21st Century environmental challenges.