Friends of Manufacturing

President Trump and Congress: Restore America’s Infrastructure


From driving on major highways to traveling by boat through waterways to flying out of airports, millions of Americans and manufacturers depend on safe and strong infrastructure to get from one place to the next, to transport supplier goods and to ship products to customers overseas. However, the country’s infrastructure is in bad shape, jeopardizing Americans’ safety and threatening manufacturers’ competitiveness. With our roads, bridges, rails, airports, ports and waterways in serious need of repair, more than 2.5 million jobs are at risk.

Fortunately, the new Congress is making infrastructure a priority with a scheduled hearing in the House on Wednesday to discuss ways to upgrade our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. We urge members of Congress to listen to manufacturers’ testimony and move quickly to introduce infrastructure legislation that will reinvigorate our nation’s transportation system. 

For detailed recommendations on how President Trump and Congress can improve our nation’s infrastructure while creating manufacturing jobs, see the National Association of Manufacturers’ Building to Win policy blueprint. It’s time for the government to invest in smart infrastructure projects that allow manufacturers to compete in the global market and serve customers around the world.

Manufacturers, sign the petition to ensure our nation’s infrastructure is repaired!