Friends of Manufacturing

Reforming Labor Regulations Will Generate Job Opportunities for Americans


The United States is struggling with a shortage of skilled workers to meet manufacturing demands. Therefore, labor policy needs to adapt to current workforce needs.

Unfortunately, a recent stream of burdensome and unpredictable labor regulations are preventing manufacturers across America from investing in and maintaining flexible employees who can handle the changing landscape of manufacturing. 

President-elect Trump and the new Congress must come together to implement plans that promote a healthy work environment and provide opportunities for manufacturing employees to learn and grow. The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and Friends of Manufacturing stand behind these efforts and are offering solutions that will make it easier to boost the American workforce and economy.

The NAM is releasing ‘Twelve Days of Transition’ policy blueprints to help guide the new administration and members of Congress to deliver on manufacturing priorities. Today’s release in the series of policy blueprints focuses on labor policy.

Manufacturers and businesses have been dragged down by poor labor policies over the last eight years. The calculated cost of these regulations are estimated to cost $85 billion to the economy and about 155,000 jobs over the next ten years, according to a recent NAM study.

The next administration and Congress should focus on repealing costly and unnecessary regulations that make it difficult to create jobs and contribute to the economy. It’s time to establish new laws that will support a modern workforce and make our nation the best place to work.

To view the blueprint, click here.