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Regulatory Reform is Key to Economic Growth


Every business and manufacturer will agree that government regulations are necessary to keep work environments safe, safeguard public health, and ensure operations running smoothly. However, duplicative and unnecessary federal regulations have gotten out of control.  

Federal regulations cost all businesses just under $10,000 per employee annually. This burden hits small businesses and manufacturers the hardest. They can’t afford and shouldn’t have to pay lump sums just to ensure compliance with federal regulations. Federal government agencies are failing to consider the impact overburdening regulations have on local manufacturers and communities. Every dollar spent on regulatory compliance is a dollar not spent on hiring new employees or growing the business. In fact, $2 trillion worth are added each year in costly federal regulations.

America’s small businesses and manufacturers are the backbone of our economy. They need and deserve a more open and transparent regulatory system that considers the cost and benefit ratio of each and every regulation.  It’s time to start holding government agencies accountable for the overload of excessive, unnecessary and harmful regulations that continue to pile up and prevent businesses and manufacturers from creating jobs and growing the economy. 

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