Friends of Manufacturing

Repeal Burdensome Regulations That Hurt Manufacturers


For the past eight years, manufacturers across the country have been forced to comply with several burdensome regulations that harm their ability to hire more employees or increase salaries for existing employees. These regulations do little except create administrative burden.

For example, federal regulations like the Department of the Interior’s (DOI’s) Venting and Flaring Rule and Stream Protection Rule (SPR), as well as the Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council’s Blacklisting Rule are duplicative and excessive regulations. Each of these rules have negative consequences for manufacturers. 

For instance, the SPR puts nearly 400,000 coal mining and related jobs at risk. While manufacturers support safe, reasonable environmental regulations, regulations like SPR puts workers at a great disadvantage. Additionally, the Venting and Flaring Rule can increase the cost of energy resources for workers and communities all across America. Moreover, the strict regulations that make up the Blacklisting Rule will significantly decrease job creation.

Manufacturers support smart regulations, but the benefit must outweigh the cost. In order for manufacturers to hire more employees, offer competitive salaries and wages and continue to innovate, Congress must support the resolutions of disapproval for these regulations. 

Manufacturers: Tell Congress to support the resolutions of disapproval for the Venting and Flaring Rule, the SPR and the Blacklisting Rule!