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Small Manufacturers Are Vital to American Jobs


Did you know the vast majority of manufacturers in the U.S., about 99 percent, are small manufacturers? Small manufacturers and businesses are the backbone of America’s economy, employing an estimated 56 million Americans.

Small manufacturers are leaders in innovation, from building airplane and vehicle parts to new medical devices, small and medium sized manufacturers are revolutionizing every industry. They play a vital role in generating local jobs and boosting local communities and the overall economy. 

However, federal rules and regulations are making it harder for small manufacturers to grow business and hire new workers. Manufacturers pay $19,564 per employee on average to comply with federal regulations. These regulations disproportionately impact small manufacturers. In fact, manufacturers with less than 50 employees spend 2.5 times the amount of large manufacturers.

Instead of imposing costly and unnecessary regulatory burdens on small manufacturers, the government should help tackle issues that prevent small businesses from expanding job growth and positively contributing to the economy, such as regulatory reform and business tax modernization.

When you head to the polls this November, make sure the candidates you are supporting will fight to prioritize issues important to small manufacturers and businesses.

Please sign our petition and let Congress know it’s time to end Washington’s Regulatory Overreach.  

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