Friends of Manufacturing

Support an All-of-the-Above Energy Strategy for America


Affordable and reliable energy is essential to everyday life for American families, businesses, and manufacturers. That’s why it is crucial for policymakers to support an all-of-the-above energy strategy that focuses on utilizing all of our nation’s vast, untapped domestic energy resources.

A diverse and domestic energy portfolio keeps energy costs down and ensures manufacturers in the U.S. can compete in the global marketplace. Unfortunately, a string of overly restrictive regulations and policies at the federal level are limiting and eliminating domestic energy sources. This not only increases energy prices for all businesses and consumers, but drives up the cost of goods and eliminates American jobs with little or no environmental impact.

Our nation should be utilizing every domestic energy resource including oil, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear energy and renewables, and we should continue investments in alternative fuels and energy efficiency to meet future energy demands. Investing in our nation’s energy supply keeps energy costs down for all, preserves and creates American jobs, and keeps the manufacturing industry strong.

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