Friends of Manufacturing

The Future of Manufacturing Under President Trump


For the first time in years, the president is listening to concerns and ideas from manufacturers all over the nation. President Trump understands the value of a powerful manufacturing industry. As a result of the industry’s advancements, our country is benefiting globally as a leader in innovation. Every dollar invested in U.S. manufacturing adds another $1.81 to the economy. Additionally, manufacturing supports 18 million American jobs.

However, to keep up with changing technologies, companies must hire workers who have the skill set to meet the needs of new manufacturing jobs. To do so, the new administration and Congress must embrace new approaches to educate and train future manufacturing employees so that they can grow in their careers. 

Additionally, we need federal policies that boost manufacturers’ in the U.S. competitiveness, not ones that hold us back. We need sensible regulatory reform, smarter and fairer tax codes, and increased investment in our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. The manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving and we need policies that will ensure its present and future success and growth.

Whether it’s developing a lifesaving drug, building a new vehicle or constructing key parts of an airplane, America will always have a need for manufacturing jobs and the hard workers who make goods that millions rely on. However, we need Washington to put politics aside and work together to boost the manufacturing industry and the millions of jobs it supports to make America even greater.