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The NAM Shines Light on Plaintiffs’ Attorneys “Reckless Assault” on Manufacturers


La Jolla: Anatomy of a Plot, Part II. The group of politically-motivated activists trying to take down America’s energy manufacturers have latched onto just about any tactic they can find to push their anti-energy agenda. One of those astonishing tactics is try to use RICO statutes—the federal code used by the government to put away notorious criminals like the Hells Angels, Michael Milken and the Gambino crime family. Not long ago, this would have been considered too outlandish for even fringe websites peddling in conspiracy theories. But today, this incredible theory appears to be spreading, as progressive politicians, Attorneys General and even mainstream news outlets are increasingly peddling it.

How did this fringe theory go mainstream? Perhaps unsurprisingly, trial lawyers and advocacy journalists are playing key roles.

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