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The Trump Administration Is Keeping Promises


What happens when things go south for the Democrats? When things go wrong for the Democrats, what happens? For example, Benghazi. Well, that was the fault of some stupid filmmaker, some stupid videomaker. Hillary losing the presidency, that was Putin's fault. Obamacare's miserable problem, that's because of the Republicans, and they won't come up with something new. It's the Republicans' fault because they won't fix it. And America's problems? Well, that's all Trump's doing.

So the Democrats are 100% blameless always. There are no Democrat ringleaders for example. Yippee. Open Line Friday, the last hour of the busy broadcast day, hosted by me, Rush Limbaugh, your highly trained broadcast specialist. Do not try this at home. We who are great at what we do make it look easy. Make everybody think they can do it. Look at the number of Democrats who've tried to do this, and there still isn't one that succeeds. And that's my fault, by the way. Or the Fairness Doctrine's fault. That's what it is. The Fairness Doctrine. That's why talk radio succeeds, the Fairness Doctrine, so it's Reagan's fault. The Democrats are always totally blameless. Have you noticed? When they mess things up, it's never anything they have done.

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