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Time to Invest in our Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure!


For many Americans, August is a busy time for traveling. Families hit the road to squeeze in a vacation before school starts back, members of Congress head back to their districts to meet with constituents, the average American commutes to and from work, and manufacturers transport goods to customers across the country and abroad. Whether your travel is near or far, for fun or work, or by train, plane or automobile, it’s impossible not to notice that our nation’s aging infrastructure is crumbling.

The poor conditions of our roads, bridges, and ports are dangerous and costly for all.  On average, underinvestment in infrastructure will cost each U.S. family an estimated $3,400 annually—according to the latest report card by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Additionally, Americans lose an estimated 5.5 billion working hours per year due to traffic tie-ups. For manufacturers, unreliable infrastructure makes it difficult to export products and keep up with foreign competitors. Congested highways and waterways harm reliability and drive up the cost of goods.

Unfortunately, lawmakers are still struggling to make long-term investments. Investments in highways, roads, and bridges fell 3.5% each year from 2003 to 2012. The estimated overall infrastructure investment needed in the U.S. by 2020 is $3.6 trillion.

To continue leading the global economy, America requires enormous investment in infrastructure. It’s time for Congress to take action.  Long-term investments in our nation’s infrastructure will create jobs, increase export potential, and reduce costs in wasted time and fuel.  

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