Friends of Manufacturing

Trade is Opportunity

Manufacturers in the U.S. are innovative and our products and services are sought after across the globe. With 95% of the world’s population living outside the U.S., it’s crucial that manufacturers seize on opportunities to export their products to these foreign customers.

However, in order to do so, manufacturers in the U.S. need free and fair trade deals in place. Negotiated properly, market-opening free trade agreements help ensure a level playing field by eliminating foreign barriers and challenges. Improving the ease of trade and increasing exports creates more business for large, medium, and manufacturers in the U.S., as well as every supporting company in the supply chain.

Furthermore, manufacturing exports supported by free trade agreements create high-paying U.S. jobs. In fact, jobs in the most trade-intensive manufacturing industries pay 56 percent more, on average, than those in the least trade-intensive industries.

For the U.S. to keep its manufacturing industry thriving and to grow and create new jobs, policymakers must work together to eliminate high tariffs, burdensome regulations, and other trade barriers overseas that disadvantage manufacturers at home. 

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