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Trump and Democrats, continued


NO, SERIOUSLY: Maybe President Donald Trump isn’t just paying lip service about trying to get Democrats on board for tax reform.

There’s no shortage of reasons why that won’t actually happen, as POLITICO’s Josh Dawsey reports — take Trump’s own historically bad approval ratings, for instance. (That doesn’t even get into the idea that a plan designed to woo Democrats would almost certainly turn off a fair number of Republicans.) But it’s also telling that one of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s first meetings on tax reform on Capitol Hill was with a bipartisan group of self-professed problem solvers, and that Mnuchin and Gary Cohn of the National Economic Council — known as more liberal members of the administration — are likely to play a big role in tax reform. More from Josh: Trump has informed “Mnuchin and others he wants moderate Republicans and Democrats on board, several people familiar with the conversations say. Administration officials say Trump — who is transactional and strongly wants to get to yes — didn't appreciate the dynamics of the House Freedom Caucus on health care and is eager to build a bipartisan coalition for tax reform.”

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