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U.S. Businesses Brace for Uncertainty (Wall Street Journal)


After the election result, more than 1,100 chief executives said in an open letter to Mr. Trump that he can count on business to promote “healing and reconciliation.”

“To be sure, we are aware that there will be times when we disagree on the specifics of important policies, and we will respectfully make our voices heard when we do,” they wrote. “We do believe, however, that we can be constructive—both when we agree and when we do not—if we can all approach challenging situations in good faith, guided by an unwavering commitment to a greater purpose.”

The letter was organized by the National Association of Manufacturers, a major Washington trade group. The signers include Dennis A. Muilenburg of Boeing Co., Wes Bush, CEO of Northrop Grumman Corp., David Taylor, CEO of Procter & Gamble Co. and Gregory Hayes of United Technologies Corp.

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