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We Must Invest in Our Nation’s Highways and Bridges


Whether it is getting to work safely and on time or transporting goods across the country, Americans depend on transportation infrastructure every day. However, due to neglect and overuse, our country’s highways and bridges are in need of repair.

For example, nearly 65 percent of major roads in the U.S. are rated “in less than good condition” and almost 60,000 bridges are noted as “structurally deficient,” according to a report by the American Society of Civil Engineers. It is clear that the country is faltering when it comes to providing adequate investment in infrastructure. Not only does this result in safety risks, but it also wastes time and money and slows productivity. 

Major highways in Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta carry millions of people and goods each day, but are some of the worst highway bottlenecks in the county. Heavy traffic in 2014 cost Americans in urban areas 6.9 billion hours of extra travel time, according to a report by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. The National Association of Manufacturers estimates $629 billion in investment is needed to repair our nation’s roads and reduce congestion.

Additionally, bridges in our nation have been neglected are unsafe, with 10 percent deemed “structurally deficient.” At least 20 percent of the bridges in Pennsylvania, Iowa, and South Dakota are structurally unsafe for the thousands of drivers who cross them each day. The National Association of Manufacturers estimates $112 billion is needed to repair our nation’s bridges.

Reliable highways and bridges are crucial in keeping people connected, allowing manufacturers the ability to efficiently move goods to market, and increasing productivity and overall quality of life. The U.S.’s infrastructure has fallen behind and we must push infrastructure to the forefront of the national dialogue and ensure new investments and projects are quickly undertaken. Manufacturers and community members are relying on the new Congress and Administration to improve infrastructure and to make sure highways and bridges are safe for all who depend on them. 

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