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Yes, Manufacturers Met With Scott Pruitt. Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing.


Yesterday’s New York Times shined a light on EPA Administrator Scott‎ Pruitt’s 2017 calendar and the meetings he’s been taking with the business community and nonprofit groups. On the list: a visit in March to the NAM’s spring board of directors meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Administrator Pruitt met with our board members on ‎March 6, 2017. Because manufacturers are heavily regulated entities, particularly on the environmental side, we regularly invite the head of the EPA to address our board. We invited Gina McCarthy, the EPA Administrator during President Obama’s second term, to address our board members three times: September 2014, December 2014, and September 2015. She declined every time. Had she joined us, she would have been able to receive direct input from the CEOs and senior executives of the manufacturers her agency’s rules directly impact. It certainly would have been helpful as the EPA put the finishing touches on the Ozone standard (final rule, October 2015), the Waters of the U.S. regulation (final rule, June 2015), and the Clean Power Plan (final rule, August 2015), the latter two of which were held up by federal courts and are receiving thorough reexaminations.

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